Coastal Lagoons: A Closer Look through Art, History and Science

Saturday, October 15, 2011 - Saturday, February 25, 2012


On the central coast of California, creek mouths and Bar Built estuaries (a.k.a. lagoons) provide unique and valuable ecological services to freshwater and marine species and are very susceptible to adjacent land use impacts and pollution.  Many of these lagoon systems have been impaired by various land uses including forestry, agriculture, grazing, and urbanization. In partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, the Central Coast Wetlands Group has created an exhibit to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the beauty and ecological importance of lagoons along the central coast.

The exhibit specifically focuses on why lagoons are so important, stressors for lagoons, how scientists can assess them, and the results of CCWGs research on seven specific sites where you will be able to view the lagoon through the eyes of an artist, a historian and a scientist. The seven featured lagoons are: Pescadero Marsh Lagoon, Scott Creek Lagoon, Lombardi Lagoon at 3 Mile Beach, Soquel Lagoon, Pajaro Lagoon, Carmel Lagoon and Garrapata Lagoon. Artists include Ann Thiermann and Marie Gabrielle. The exhibit is going to be fun for all ages, with an interactive mural, several guessing games, and lots of interesting information.


We hope you get a chance to stop by! Here are some videos about Lagoons and this exhibit:

Background information

Read more at Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

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