Jason Adelaars

Staff Photo
GIS Specialist

Jason earned his BS in environmental science from UC Riverside in 2005 with a focus on soil and water chemistry. From 2005 to 2010, he work as a staff scientist for an environmental consulting firm where he identified, monitored, and remediated soil and groundwater contamination. In 2010 he switched gears and began his MS in applied marine ecology at CSU Monterey Bay. His education focused on GIS analysis, continental shelf ecology, and physical oceanography. Earning his MS in June 2012, he went on to intern as a GIS analyst for the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System, as well as the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments. Since September 2013, he has been performing a variety of tasks with Moss Landing Marine Labs including: instrument technician, programmer, database manager, GIS analyst, website developer, and physical oceanographer.