Walter Heady

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Postdoctoral Researcher
(831) 333-2044

Walter has over seventeen years’ experience working in basic and applied aquatic ecology fueled by a love of natural history and the out of doors. He has worked in California Environmental Quality Act processes, habitat assessments, restoration, conservation, and the population monitoring of aquatic invertebrates, fishes and amphibians. His dissertation at UCSC investigated within population movement patterns and among population temperature-dependent-growth of steelhead, and how each affected life history, growth and survival. He also developed a novel approach using stable isotopes to characterize steelhead use of coastal lagoon habitats. Dr. Heady is helping CCWG with the development of the CRAM module for bar built estuaries and the use of this methodology to inventory the bar built estuaries of California. He is also working in collaboration with California’s Water Quality Control Board to develop a novel remote assessment of riparian condition.