CCWG Development

CCWG started in 2001 as the Central Coast Wetlands Working Group (CCWWG), an informal collaboration of partners from the Central Coast region, to address the Central Coast’s role in the California Wetlands Conservation Policy of 1993 “Ensure no overall net loss and achieve a long-term net gain in the quantity, quality, and permanence of wetlands acreage and values in California.”

Starting in 2004, San Francisco Bay, Southern California, and Central Coast scientists and agency staff worked together to develop a common technical framework and cost-effective tool set for the empirical assessment of wetland health and performance, data management strategies, and public reporting avenues. These tools can be used to monitor wetland resources for individual projects, watersheds, regions of the State, and for the State as a whole. The Central Coast, however, struggled to fully participate due to infrastructure limitations and minimal support for the regional partnership. It was for this reasons that a grant to develop CCWWG as an organization able to fill this gap, provide a regional voice and a broader perspective for restoration and wetland management on the Central Coast was written.

In 2008, the USEPA provided the necessary funding to develop the Central Coast Wetlands Group from an ad-hoc group of partners into a full program, based at Moss Landing Marine Labs. With this funding, CCWG was able to:

  • Hire a program coordinator
  • Develop and improved long term projects
  • Change their name to Central Coast Wetlands Group,
  • Expand website
  • Create logo
  • Produce a brochure
  • Hold 2 wetland science symposia
  • The Central Coast Wetlands Group (CCWG) at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, has successfully established a collaborative framework that supports the development of regional goals and long-term wetland research and management strategies. Over the course of this contract CCWG was able to accomplish the following primary objectives of this project: 1) support the Central Coast Wetlands Group (CCWG) as a representative to the State Wetland Monitoring program, 2) advance the science of wetland restoration and management, 3) provide regional perspective for restoration objectives and policy, and 4) build capacity for long term wetland management.

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