Reference Library

Below are studies and reports done by various groups which we think could be useful to other researchers and organizations.

Title Author(s) Datesort icon
application/pdf iconNatividad Creek Wetland and Upland Habitat Restoration Plan (8.59 MB) CEC, MLML
application/pdf iconElkhorn Slough- Estuarine Sanctuary Summary Report (2.74 MB) Unknown 1966
application/pdf iconEffects of Inflows on Water Quality and Habitat Conditions in Small Central California Estuary/Lagoon Systems (2.18 MB) Smith, Jerry and Robinson, Mark 1987
application/pdf iconMitigating Impacts to Wetlands and Estuaries in California’s Coastal Zone (5.96 MB) Ray, Daniel and Woodroof, Wayne 1987
application/pdf iconBiological Assessment of Wetland Environments Impacted by Culvert Repairs at the Mouth of Moro Cojo Slough (1023.76 KB) ABA 1988
application/pdf iconElkhorn Slough Wetland Management Plan (9.9 MB) ABA Consultants 1989
application/pdf iconProtecting California’s Coastal Wetlands- A Procedural Manual (16.66 MB) California Coastal Commission 1989
application/pdf iconRevegetation and Monitoring Program for Moss Landing South Harbor Restoration Project (2.55 MB) The Habitat Restoration Group, John Stanley and Associates, Inc. 1990
application/pdf iconSanta Cruz Long-toed Salamander Survey in Upper Moro Cojo Slough, Monterey County, CA (5.25 MB) ABA Consultants 1990
application/pdf iconBiological Assessment, Development and Restoration Plan for the Elkhorn Heights Parcel (28.97 MB) ABA Consultants 1991
application/pdf iconMoro Cojo Tidegates 1990 Monitoring Report (180.87 KB) ABA Consultants 1991
application/pdf iconMoro Cojo Slough Monitoring (61.02 KB) MCWRA 1992
application/pdf iconBiological Assessment and Restoration Plan: Sand Dune Reconstruction at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (2.58 MB) ABA Consultants 1992
application/pdf iconWilder Ranch Wetland Restoration Plan (9.81 MB) Moss Landing Marine Labs 1993
application/pdf iconMoss Landing Marine Laboratory Relocation Draft EA (4.15 MB) LSA Associates, Inc. 1994