Reference Library

Below are studies and reports done by various groups which we think could be useful to other researchers and organizations.

Titlesort icon Author(s) Date
application/pdf iconCRAM Fieldbook Bar-Built Estuary (10.62 MB) Ca. Wetland Monitoring Workgroup 2014
application/pdf iconCRAM Fieldbook Depressional (5.99 MB) Ca. Wetland Monitoring Workgroup 2014
application/pdf iconCRAM Fieldbook Slope Wetland (17.45 MB) 2014
application/pdf iconCRAM Implementation Support (4.77 MB) CCWG 2014
application/pdf iconCRAM Standardization (2.26 MB) Ca. Wetland Monitoring Workgroup 2013
application/pdf iconDemonstrating the California Wetland Status and Trends Program: A Probabilistic Approach for Estimating Statewide Aquatic Resource Extent, Distribution and Change over Time (3.34 MB) Eric D. Stein, Patricia Pendleton, Kevin O’Connor, Charlie Endris, Jason Adalaars, Micha Salomon, Kristen Cayce, Ariane Jong 2015
application/pdf iconDepressional CRAM Final Report (2.21 MB) CCWG 2014
application/pdf iconDevelopment of a Statewide Network of Reference Wetlands for California-Phase 1, Final Report (1.88 MB) Chris Solek, SCCWRP 2013
application/pdf iconDevelopment of Integrated Measures of Ecosystem Condition to Support Biological Objectives for Riverine Wetlands (1.26 MB) Eric Stein, Pete Ode 2013
application/pdf iconDevelopment of New Tools to Assess Riparian Extent and Condition-A Central Coast Pilot Stud-Final Report USEPA Wetlands Program Development Grant CD- 00T83101 (4.15 MB) 2017
application/pdf iconEffectiveness Study of Multiple Off-Farm Treatment Practices for Specialty Crop Farmers-Final Report (9.06 MB) CCWG 2017
application/pdf iconEffects of Inflows on Water Quality and Habitat Conditions in Small Central California Estuary/Lagoon Systems (2.18 MB) Smith, Jerry and Robinson, Mark 1987
application/pdf iconElkhorn Slough Watershed Conservation Plan (2.37 MB) Elkhorn Slough Foundation, Nature Conservancy 1999
application/pdf iconElkhorn Slough Wetland Management Plan (9.9 MB) ABA Consultants 1989
application/pdf iconElkhorn Slough- Estuarine Sanctuary Summary Report (2.74 MB) Unknown 1966