Reference Library

Below are studies and reports done by various groups which we think could be useful to other researchers and organizations.

Titlesort icon Author(s) Date
application/pdf iconEvaluando Las Aquas Agricolas-Guía para el Monitoreo de Calidad de Agua (2.6 MB) Tamara Doan, Coastal Watershed Council 2008
application/pdf iconEvaluation of Land Conservation Measures for North Monterey County – Masters thesis (6.07 MB) Lisa Nunes 2002
application/pdf iconExtreme Erosion Control at McWay Landslide (12.65 MB) MLML, Watershed Institute, Rana Creek Ranch 1998
application/pdf iconFinal Report: Monterey County Water Resources Agency – Reclamation Ditch Management Strategy (460.95 KB) CCoWS 2005
application/pdf iconFinal Report: Monterey County Water Resources Agency – Reclamation Ditch Watershed Assessment (28.39 MB) CCoWS 2005
application/zip iconHistorical Ecology Maps of the Gabilan Watershed (3.27 MB) Joel Casagrande-CCOWS 2008
application/pdf iconImplementation of the Moro Cojo Slough Management and Enhancement Plan: Restoration of the Core of the Watershed. (10.85 MB) SWRCB, CCR 2007
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet iconInventory of all Coastal Confluences in California-excel (128.19 KB) CCWG, TNC 2014
application/zip iconInventory of all Coastal Confluences in California-Geodatabase (1.23 MB) CCWG, TNC 2014
application/pdf iconKey Lessons for incorporating natural infrastructure into regional climate adaptation planning (1.39 MB) Langridge et al 2014
application/pdf iconLevel 1-2-3 Assessment of Morro Bay Watershed (1.01 MB) O'Connor, Kevin 2008
application/pdf iconMarine Disposal of Landslide Debris along Highway One: Environmental Risk Assessment and Monitoring Protocols (12.8 MB) MLML 1998
application/pdf iconMitigating Impacts to Wetlands and Estuaries in California’s Coastal Zone (5.96 MB) Ray, Daniel and Woodroof, Wayne 1987
application/pdf iconMolera Road Treatment Wetland Summary (1.04 MB) CCWG, CCoWS 2013
application/pdf iconMolera Treatment Wetland (1.1 MB) CCoWS, CCWG 2012