Reference Library

Below are studies and reports done by various groups which we think could be useful to other researchers and organizations.

Titlesort icon Author(s) Date
application/pdf iconPG&E Constructed Treatment Wetland-Summary (192.76 KB) CCWG, MBNMS 2017
application/pdf iconPiloting the Riparian Rapid Assessment Method in Four Central Coast Watersheds (6.7 MB) CCWG 2016
application/pdf iconPolicy Strategy to Reduce Erosion in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed (9.73 MB) ABA Consultants 1994
application/pdf iconProtecting California’s Coastal Wetlands- A Procedural Manual (16.66 MB) California Coastal Commission 1989
application/pdf iconReading Your Runoff-A Guide to Water Quality Monitoring (2.46 MB) Tamara Doan, Coastal Watershed Council 2008
application/pdf iconRestoring Converted Wetlands: A Case Study in Watsonville, California – Masters Thesis (5.38 MB) Schwing, Karl 1999
application/pdf iconRestoring Natural Water Systems in Rural Residential Landscapes (14.59 KB) Creative Environmental Conservation 2009
application/pdf iconRestoring Natural Water Systems in Rural Residential Landscapes (21.63 MB) Creative Environmental Conservation 2009
application/pdf iconRevegetation and Monitoring Program for Moss Landing South Harbor Restoration Project (2.55 MB) The Habitat Restoration Group, John Stanley and Associates, Inc. 1990
application/pdf iconRiparian Rapid Assessment Method for California-version 1.3 (1.94 MB) Central Coast Wetlands Group 2016
application/pdf iconSalinas River Lagoon Marsh Plain Condition Assessment (782.06 KB) Central Coast Wetlands Group 2015
application/pdf iconSalinas River Watershed Area Salt Modeling (13.16 MB) Tetra Tech 2015
application/pdf iconSalinas Valley Irrigation and Nutrient Management Program-Final Report (5.9 MB) MBNMS, CCR, CCWG, MCRCD, UCD Coop. Ext. 2017
application/zip iconSan Mateo County Bar-Built Estuary Report Cards (105.12 MB) CCWG 2016
application/pdf iconSanta Cruz County Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Report (6.97 MB) CCWG 2017