The Central Coast Wetlands Group provides services that individuals and organizations may find useful. Please contact Kevin O'Connor with inquiries.

CRAM Trainings

For individuals or organizations that want to be able to conduct CRAM assessments, the Central Coast Wetlands Group is the home of CRAM trainings on the Central Coast. More information on when CRAM trainings are being held can be found at our CRAM Trainings event page.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat Restoration is an important component of overall wetland health, and something CCWG staff are well trained and equipped to do. Using the principles described on the Habitat Restoration page, we can remove invasive plants and replace them with natives grown in Moss Landing. For larger projects we can partner with engineers to design and build treatment wetlands, or re-grade ditches to provide a more natural system.

Wetland Assessments

CCWG can assess wetlands using CRAM, as well as do intensive data collection including vegetation surveys, water quality sampling, benthic sampling, and ambient weather assessments. These wetland assessments can be used as part of the monitoring plan for projects, or can be used for ambient assessments or site comparisons.

Regional Watershed Analysis and Planning

CCWG is forefront in using our scientifically proven methods including wetland site assessments, GIS based watershed scale assessments, and historical ecology in combination with statistical analyses and ongoing collaboration with regional partners, to prioritize and guide active management, restoration and conservation of wetland resources.